Series 1
Please find below the details of my upcoming series of Indian Cooking lessons based on Ayurveda. The series will run over 5 classes of 2.5 to 3 hours each at my house in Coquitlam. We will cook together and I will share with you tips on healing properties of spices and herbs and Ayurvedic lifestyle. At the end we will  enjoy what we have prepared with love. The classes begin on Oct 4 (Tuesday)  and will run twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. The schedule and details are as follows-
Oct 4 ( Tuesday) :- Introduction to Spices
We will start with an appetising lentil soup tempered with whole cumin seeds and garnished with cilantro.
It will be followed by an aromatic spiced peas pulao ( rice dish) accompanied with a fresh mint and cucumber riata(yogurt relish).
We will  make our own roasted cumin powder from whole cumin seeds to add to our yogurt relish.
We will finish our meal with ‘Shrikhand’ a yogurt based dessert flavoured with cardamom, saffron and rose water and garnished with slivered almonds.
My home blended herbal tea will be always be in the pot for us to enjoy while cooking.
Oct 6 (Thursday) :-  Curry Delight

We will begin with making our own cottage cheese at home and go on to make our mutter paneer curry ( peas and cottage cheese curry).
Along with it we will make a dried mixed vegetable dish flavored with ginger and cumin and garnished with cilantro.
The curry will be accompanied with steamed rice and rotis (whole wheat bread) which we will make from scratch.
We will also make a digestive lassi ( yogurt drink) to be enjoyed with our food .
My home blended herbal tea will be always be in the pot for us to enjoy while cooking.
Oct 11 (Tuesday) :- Lentil special

We will start with a moong sprout salad ( also learn how to make sprouts at home) with a rock salt and lemon dressing.
The main course will be a spinach and lentil pulao flavored with ginger and whole spices.
Along with it we will enjoy roasted poppadoms(lentil crackers) and mildly flavored yogurt.
We will end it with a masala chai prepared the Indian way.
My home blended herbal tea will be always be in the pot for us to enjoy while cooking.

Oct 13 ( Thursday) :- Healthy one dish meals

Learn to make a light easily digestable ‘Poha’ ( dried pressed rice) with vegetables flavored with curry leaves and mustard seeds.
Along with it we will also make savory lentil pancakes mixed with spring onions and cilantro.
We will accompany both the above dishes with a green chutney made with mint and cilantro.
We will end our meal with a mango or peach lassi. ( yogurt drink)
My home blended herbal tea will be always be in the pot for us to enjoy while cooking.

Oct 18 ( Tuesday) :- Entertaining  special

Learn to make onion and spinach pakoras as starters served with a mint chutney.
We will follow it with a vegetable biryani ( Layered vegetable and rice dish) considered to be a dish of the royals.
It will be accompanied with a mixed vegetable riata (yogurt relish).
We will end our meal with a rice kheer flavored with saffron and cardamom and garnished with raisins and almonds.
The above classes are a part of a series and I need a minimum of four people to start these.The price per person will be CAD 200 for the complete set of 5 lessons including the meals.
I will also be offering a 2 hours class on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 10.00 am – 12.00 noon where we will prepare a simple nourishing Indian vegetarian meal which  we enjoy together. Each Saturday will have a different theme and the details of these will also be e-mailed and posted on my website www.spicejourney.ca. A minimum of 4 persons will be needed to run a class. The price will be CAD 50 per person per lesson. These lessons will begin from  Oct 8. The details for the theme of this class to follow soon.

18th May 2011 – Tips for Healthy Eating

As per Ayurveda, unhealthy eating habits combined with external factors like pollution, preservatives in food , excessive use of chemicals and pesticides etc., leads to a creation of toxins or Ama in the body. When these toxins keep collecting and are not eliminated, in the long run they lead to an unhealthy state of body – what we call disease. The following guidelines will help you to increase your digestive fires which in turn will help to reduce the formation of Ama or toxins.

1) The main meal of the day should be eaten in the afternoon between 12 noon to 2.00pm as the digestive fires are the strongest at this time. Dinner should be light and avoid eating raw foods at night as they are generally more difficult to digest.

2) One should eat three regular meals everyday so that the body then gets used to a meal routine. Always keep a four hour gap between main meals to give the body enough time to  digest the previous meal.

3) Never eat till you are full. Always leave some room in your stomach. Also sip warm water or herbal tea with the food as it helps with digestion.

4) Do not drink very cold water or liquids just before or after meals. Cold liquids weaken the digestive fires in the stomach and prevent proper digestion of food. A spiced lassi (yoghurt drink) served at room temperature is an excellent way to boost the digestive juices.

5) Never go to sleep just after a meal and try not to eat anything after 7.00 pm and get into bed before 10 pm everynight.

6) Try to incorporate all six tastes (as per Ayurveda) in your meals during the day.

7) Your state of mind and the environment you eat in also effects the impact of food on your body and mind. It is very important to be present while eating and enjoy each and every bite. Food consumed when angry or upset has a negative impact on the body.