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Do you love indian food and and want to learn how to cook it…….

Do you want to know about the healing properties of spices and herbs ………..

Do you want to cook food which nourishes your body mind and soul………

Do you want to eat vegetarian but don’t know where to start……….

Spice Journey cooking lessons do just that for you. They are for people who would like to learn simple indian vegetarian food cooked  the Ayurvedic way.

Ayurveda is a 5000 years old traditional indian science of medicine which lays a lot of emphasis on food as the most important medium to keep your body healthy and in harmony with your environment. Ayurveda believes that while cooking and eating your food, your frame of mind impacts the taste and energy of food.

Food that is cooked with love, guided by knowledge of ingredients being cooked and served in an inspiring atmosphere becomes healing.

The lessons are reasonably priced  and  are offered at my place in Coquitlam. Group lessons need to have a minumum of 4 persons and individual private lessons can also be organised.Group lessons can also be organised at your kitchen.Please call or e-mail to discuss details.

Check the classes page to see which one suits you the most. Custom made lessons can also be given based on your requirments. Indian cooking lessons theme based parties can also be organised. Contact me for details.

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Fall also marks the beginning of the festival season around the world.And I’m back after a short break to let you know about the teas I’m going to be blending for the season. Please find below the list of teas along with their healing properties.
1) Balancing Tea
My most ordered healing blend is balancing for all constitutions.It is a calming tea which helps in relieving stress and leaves you pleasantly invigorated. Certain spices in it also help in metabolisation of sugars and as a result help with weight loss as well.It also helps women experiencing hot flashes or suffering from pms.This caffeine free blend contains Cinnamon, Cardamom, Fennel, Rose and Saffron and is suitable for all age groups in all seasons.
Available in
a)  Glass Jar (apprx 50 gms) : CAD 14
b)  Ziplock bag (250 gms) : CAD 50
2) Ginger Tulsi Tea
This unique blend is excellent for the flu season and winters.Ginger stimulates ‘Agni’ the fire element in the body and helps in getting rid of the deep rooted toxins.Tulsi or holy basil is considered the queen of herbs in Ayuveda for its numerous healing properties. It helps to relieve stress and helps in building immunity. This blend also contains fennel which aids in digestion and is calming on the stomach lining.It tastes best when combined with honey.Contains Ginger,Tulsi and Fennel.
a)  Glass Jar (apprx 50 gms)  : CAD  14
b)  Ziplock bad (250 gms ) : CAD 50
( This tea can also be ordered without fennel if you are a Kapha constitution or suffer from chronic colds in winter. Glass Jar – CAD 16 and  Ziplock Bag – CAD 55)
3) Chai Tea (Decaff)
A combination of 6 different spices blended together in perfect proportions to give you that authentic Chai taste.This blend contains premium decaff tea leaves combined with Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel, Ginger and Tulsi. (Special orders can be made for this blend containing nutmeg and bl pepper  for Kapha constitution- at the same price)
a)  Glass Jar (apprx 50 gms) : CAD 16
b)  Ziplock Bag ( 250 gms) : CAD 55
4) Chai Tea
A combination of 6 different spices blended together in perfect proportions to give you that authentic Chai taste.This blend contains premium assam tea leaves combined with Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel, Ginger and Tulsi. (Special orders can be made for this  containing nutmeg and bl pepper  for Kapha constitution- at the same price)
a)  Glass Jar (apprx 50 gms) : CAD  14
b)  Ziplock bag (250 gms) : CAD 55
5) Chai Tea Spice Mix
This is just a blend of the spices used to make chai tea in the perfect proportions. You can add it to your tea as per your prefference depending on how strong or mildly you want to spice your tea.(Special orders can be made for this  containing nutmeg and bl pepper  for Kapha constitution- at the same price)
a)  Glass Jar (apprx 50 gms) : CAD 16
b)  Ziplock bag (250 gms) : CAD 55
For those who have never tried my teas before, please note that I grind the spices fresh after you have placed an order and given me your delivery date.This is because all the spices have healing VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and they get lost over time after you have ground the spices. In order to get the maximum benefit of these spices, these teas shoud be consumed within 3 to 6 months.(For those of you who have attended my cooking classes already know that I emphasize on grinding the spices fresh for this very reason)
And now for the special offer you get a 10 % discount for orders for 5 or more jars or 2 or more Ziplock bags.
Get the teas gift wrapped individually or in groups at no extra charge. ( please mention when placing an order if you need them wrapped)
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Namaste all

The summer is officially over and fall is in the air. Mother nature has started putting a fabulous display of fire colors around us to please our senses. As per the bio rhythms of nature in Ayurveda it is the VATA time of the year. VATA literally implies wind or in more subtle way the air and the space element. So it is the time of the year when the air element is more active in nature. Typical characteristics of this element are that it is drying, cold, light .If we look around that is what nature is experiencing at this time. The leaves are drying up there is a chill in the air. The wildlife is starting to prepare for hibernation before the cold winter sets in.


Have you ever asked yourself what do we do in order to be in alignment with the biorhythms? I don’t think most of us even think about it. And when we are not in alignment with our environment that is when we become unwell and disease sets in. Most of us have been living such a lifestyle for years and suffer from stress, indigestion, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, insomnia etc. .The list can go on and on and here I have mentioned only the most common ones which most of us seem to be suffering from.


It’s not difficult to be in alignment with our nature. But it does require discipline and consistency. And believe me, once you see the effects it has on you it becomes much easier to follow it. In fact once you start getting your body back on track it will start telling you what you need to do and it won’t be an effort at all then.


Fall is the time when nature gives you an opportunity to prepare for the cold winter ahead. Everything slows down in winter. We need to do the same but our fast paced lifestyles do not permit us to do that. I guess the so called development around the globe has also somehow led us to get disconnected from our nature.


For those of you keen to be in alignment with nature I have put together some basic lifestyle tips-


1)   Physically fall is the best time of the year to go for oil massages regularly and if possible to do a light abyanga oil massage (sesame or olive) everyday in the morning before a shower. If you don’t have time to do it daily before the shower then make sure to just rub in a few drops of oil into your body just at the end of the shower, as that will seal the moisture in.

2)   This is also the best time of the year to enjoy  warming foods such as soups, stews, steamed veggies and warm herbal teas. No wonder nature gives us delicious squashes at this time to help us follow this easily. Do not feel guilty when enjoying the creamy butternut squash soup and pumpkin pies. Make sure to incorporate warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves etc. while cooking. They not only add flavor but also help with digestion and metabolisation of food in our system.

(For those of you familiar with the six tastes in Ayurveda, this is the time of the year to eat more of sweet, sour and salty foods and avoid too much of bitter, pungent and astringent foods.)

3)   Avoid eating summer foods like melons and raw green salads during this time as they increase wind in the system. Now is the time to enjoy more cooked food or warm salads if you don’t want something heavy. Incorporate avocados and oil based dressings in your food.

4)   Another very good way of getting good fat in the system is by consuming nuts at this time of the year. Try to eat a handful of raw or slightly toasted unsalted nuts everyday.

5)   Try to incorporate honey or maple syrup as a sweetner in your food as they are both warming. In Ayurveda we never cook honey and the best way to consume honey is in its natural form unpasteurized to get its maximum benefits. Combine a few drops of fresh ginger juice with a teaspoon of honey in the morning before leaving the house as it helps in fighting colds and coughs in the fall and winter season. (Or you can enjoy my caffeine free ginger tulsi tea everyday in the morning and evening)

6)   It is also the time of the year when you can easily get mentally spaced out. It is very important to get a good sleep and rest, as the tendency to get stressed easily is more at this time of the year. A very good habit is to have a regular meditation practice even if it means just sitting in silence for only 10 minutes.

7)   If you are in the VATA stage of your life (over 50) then you need to take even extra care of yourself in this season. Make sure you keep yourself warm all the time.


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Series 1
Please find below the details of my upcoming series of Indian Cooking lessons based on Ayurveda. The series will run over 5 classes of 2.5 to 3 hours each at my house in Coquitlam. We will cook together and I will share with you tips on healing properties of spices and herbs and Ayurvedic lifestyle. At the end we will  enjoy what we have prepared with love. The classes begin on Oct 4 (Tuesday)  and will run twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. The schedule and details are as follows-
Oct 4 ( Tuesday) :- Introduction to Spices
We will start with an appetising lentil soup tempered with whole cumin seeds and garnished with cilantro.
It will be followed by an aromatic spiced peas pulao ( rice dish) accompanied with a fresh mint and cucumber riata(yogurt relish).
We will  make our own roasted cumin powder from whole cumin seeds to add to our yogurt relish.
We will finish our meal with ‘Shrikhand’ a yogurt based dessert flavoured with cardamom, saffron and rose water and garnished with slivered almonds.
My home blended herbal tea will be always be in the pot for us to enjoy while cooking.
Oct 6 (Thursday) :-  Curry Delight

We will begin with making our own cottage cheese at home and go on to make our mutter paneer curry ( peas and cottage cheese curry).
Along with it we will make a dried mixed vegetable dish flavored with ginger and cumin and garnished with cilantro.
The curry will be accompanied with steamed rice and rotis (whole wheat bread) which we will make from scratch.
We will also make a digestive lassi ( yogurt drink) to be enjoyed with our food .
My home blended herbal tea will be always be in the pot for us to enjoy while cooking.
Oct 11 (Tuesday) :- Lentil special

We will start with a moong sprout salad ( also learn how to make sprouts at home) with a rock salt and lemon dressing.
The main course will be a spinach and lentil pulao flavored with ginger and whole spices.
Along with it we will enjoy roasted poppadoms(lentil crackers) and mildly flavored yogurt.
We will end it with a masala chai prepared the Indian way.
My home blended herbal tea will be always be in the pot for us to enjoy while cooking.

Oct 13 ( Thursday) :- Healthy one dish meals

Learn to make a light easily digestable ‘Poha’ ( dried pressed rice) with vegetables flavored with curry leaves and mustard seeds.
Along with it we will also make savory lentil pancakes mixed with spring onions and cilantro.
We will accompany both the above dishes with a green chutney made with mint and cilantro.
We will end our meal with a mango or peach lassi. ( yogurt drink)
My home blended herbal tea will be always be in the pot for us to enjoy while cooking.

Oct 18 ( Tuesday) :- Entertaining  special

Learn to make onion and spinach pakoras as starters served with a mint chutney.
We will follow it with a vegetable biryani ( Layered vegetable and rice dish) considered to be a dish of the royals.
It will be accompanied with a mixed vegetable riata (yogurt relish).
We will end our meal with a rice kheer flavored with saffron and cardamom and garnished with raisins and almonds.
The above classes are a part of a series and I need a minimum of four people to start these.The price per person will be CAD 200 for the complete set of 5 lessons including the meals.
I will also be offering a 2 hours class on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 10.00 am – 12.00 noon where we will prepare a simple nourishing Indian vegetarian meal which  we enjoy together. Each Saturday will have a different theme and the details of these will also be e-mailed and posted on my website A minimum of 4 persons will be needed to run a class. The price will be CAD 50 per person per lesson. These lessons will begin from  Oct 8. The details for the theme of this class to follow soon.